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EV Drivers Get Charged

By Kristina Loring - July 27, 2010

The future is now. Electric vehicles (EV) are no longer a figment of your science fiction imagination. With the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt soon to appear on your local neighborhood streets, a sustainable future of alternative energy in mass transportation is just around the corner. But for electric vehicles to succeed, they must become widely adopted and accessible.

A crucial component in making this a reality and bringing the EV to consumers across the country is the cultivation and creation of electric-vehicle charging stations that are available for both residential and commercial use. frog design is proud to announce our partnership with ECOtality to address this challenge with Blink, a new family of chargers that can be easily integrated into the EV owner’s lifestyle.

The Blink Level 2 home and commercial chargers were unveiled today at the PlugIn 2010 Conference, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with ECOtality to create a new icon for a smart EV ecosystem. We are also excited to share some of the key elements of the design for both the residential and commercial chargers that truly set Blink apart.

Blink is:

Friendly and Familiar

Despite the complex technology behind it, Blink is friendly and unintimidating. The evolving nature and adoption of EV technologies means that our design has to be fail-proof in order to build trust among early adopters. That’s why we created a design language for Blink that echoes current driving behaviors to make the transition to an electric vehicle as easy as possible. The driver instinctively knows how to use the charger thanks to the recognizable cable wrap design. This was purposefully designed not to have moving parts that could break down over time, or complex mechanisms that might confuse users, ultimately complicating the experience.